What Else Could The Cost of Your Thanksgiving Meal Could Go To?

This year the average Thanksgiving meal for 10 people will cost around $49.87. Of course, depending on what you’re serving, and where you are sourcing it from, yours may cost less, but that figure did get me thinking about what other things that money could go to.  What if we all donated the cost of our Thanksgiving meals to a good cause? Imagine the impact that we might have.

A few days ago, journalist Sarah Mirk challenged people on Twitter to donate the cost of a Thanksgiving meal to Standing Rock, which you can easily do here. Last week I did a round up of organizations and media working on food and environmental issues that could all use a donation. There is no shortage of places that are doing good work and are well deserving of a donation.

This is not a call to skip your Thanksgiving dinner, but instead, a challenge. During a holiday devoted to giving thanks, imagine if that thanks were shown in the form of money or time donated to your community and beyond.

In the last week, I have purchased subscriptions to several independent media sources, committed to donating 10% of sales of Comestible to the ACLU, and I am also working on a collaborative fundraising initiative with The Female Farmer Project that will launch soon. I say this not to congratulate myself, but to hold myself accountable.

Our thanks not only can, but needs to, extend beyond our own tables.

What if everyone gathered at your table tomorrow threw in $1? What if they each threw in $5? $10? $20? Collaboratively, perhaps your table can choose a cause to support this holiday season.

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

 Our contribution can be in the form of money, it can be in the form of time, but no matter what it is, it should be in the form of caring. So this year, besides all the pumpkin pies and overconsumption, let us give thanks in the form of action.

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