Video: What’s Killing Kids Isn’t Drugs or Guns, It’s Food

What’s the most violent part of a destitute neighborhood? The corner grocery store.

That’s the message behind the new music video “Food Fight” from New Message Media. Taking a new spin on looking at the serious problem of processed foods in the Standard American Diet, they take what could very well be a classic gangster rap video and make it all about the dangers of the food that we are inundated with every day.

Lines like “Every corner in the hood got a KFC” drive home the fact that most of us live in a world of food deserts and fast food, prisoners to the mass machine of agribusiness and food marketing. 

“We feel the greatest hope for fundamental change starts with the foundation for the future — our youth — so the Food Fight team combined music and film with a school curriculum, to help teachers engage students on the most pressing issues we face, in a unique way. The flaws of our global economy are best exposed by looking at our food system — soil-depleting and oil-depleting factory farming, economic policies that contribute to starvation abroad, and disease and obesity at home, all packaged with a marketing campaign to enforce the “buy first, ask never” social contract — just buy what they say to buy, and eat/shut up,” said Ben Zolno of New Message Media. 

You will never look at a grocery store the same way again.

Learn more about the Food Fight campaign and take a look at the curriculum here


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