This Week in Food: Thug Kitchen, How to Never Shop at the Supermarket and Homemade Peeps

Don’t keep a constant eye on what’s happening in the food world? Don’t worry, Foodie Underground has you covered with a weekly roundup of all the food-related links you could ask for. Consider it your recommended weekend reading.

Wine at lunch is no longer as French as it once was. Merde alors. Via BBC

Love coffee enough to travel for it? Start with these five destinations. Via Gadling

How to live without going to the supermarket for an entire year. It can be done. Via The Guardian

DIY gone wrong? You can make your own ‘Peeps’ at home. Via LA Times

“Swiss F*cking Chard” … that’s what my kitchen sounds like too. Via Thug Kitchen

The next frontier of 3D printing: Food. Can we start printing sea salt in the form of kale? Via Dezeen


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