This Week in Food: National Margarita Day, Americans and Their Fast Food, and How to Find Kale in Tokyo

Don’t keep a constant eye on what’s happening in the food world? Don’t worry, Foodie Underground has you covered with a weekly roundup of all the food-related links you could ask for. Consider it your recommended weekend reading.

Happy National Margarita Day. We hope you are celebrating with plenty of organic infusions. Via National Margarita Day

Fast food makes up 11% of the calories in the average American diet. Almost surprised it’s not more. Via US News

A mini-guide to French cheeses you should be buying. Now. Via Food Republic

What does Obama need to do to really fight hunger? Start here. Via The Nation

Just how does one find kale in Tokyo? Via The Kale Project

Food deserts abound in the US, but what are the maps not telling us about the issues of access to good food? Via Atlantic Cities

Love good food and good stories? Check out the print edition of Foodie Bugle. Via Foodie Bugle

What does 200 calories actually look like? Here’s a visual. Via The Kitchn

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