This Week in Food: Locally Grown Quinoa, Juice Concierge, and Fast Food Workers

Don’t keep a constant eye on what’s happening in the food world? Don’t worry, Foodie Underground has you covered with a weekly roundup of all the food-related links you could ask for. Consider it your recommended weekend reading.

Are we going to start seeing locally grown quinoa soon? Via The Salt

Real Talk About Real F*ckin Food is exactly what it sounds like. Via Thug Kitchen

A juice concierge service? Only in NYC. Via Well+Good

Fast food workers are attempting to unionize, here’s why McJobs should pay living wages too. Via The Atlantic

Fracking and our food: it’s not a pretty sight. Via The Nation

Now that Hostess is gone, the latest culinary challenge is mastering recreational junk food at home. Via The New York Times

Image: fearghalonuallain

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