This Week in Food: Aquavit Cocktails, a McBaguette and 15 Health Cookbooks

Don’t keep a constant eye on what’s happening in the food world? Don’t worry, Foodie Underground has you covered with a weekly roundup of all the food-related links you could ask for. Consider it your recommended weekend reading.

The French McBaguette gets a top notch endorsement, madness in the boulangerie community ensues. Via Bloomberg

Quinoa is an excellent alternative to, well… everything. Or is it? Via The Guardian

Your bookshelf could always use another cookbook: here are 15 of the best ones geared towards healthy eating. Via DesignSponge

Aquavit is back. Or was it ever really here? No matter what, Scandinavian cocktails are all the rage. Via EcoSalon

Have a salt obsession? What about beer made with salt? You can thank Germany for that. Via The Kitchn

Another reason to skip McDonald’s: fast food linked to allergies and asthma in children. Via Inhabitots

Even a vegan can get tired of other vegans. Via Buzzfeed

Image: Mike Towber

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