The Culinary Cyclist is Coming to Seattle: Book Event at Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters, May 10


One of my favorite things about “The Culinary Cyclist” is getting to share it with others. There’s nothing better than someone emailing me to tell me that they made a recipe, or to hear that they gifted a book to a friend that loves food and bikes. But most of the time that sharing is all digital; emails, Twitter, Instagram and such. So it’s really exciting when I get to do it in person.

I am back stateside for a while (eating tacos from food trucks instead of Parisian baguettes), and I’ve got good news for Seattleites: I get to share “The Culinary Cyclist” with you soon!

Thanks to Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters (who sells the book) is hosting a book event on May 10, 2014. It’s a Saturday morning, so of course you want to come and drink some locally roasted coffee and hear the backstory of the book. Even better, it’s the day before Mother’s Day, and don’t you think she needs a fun cookbook as a present?

And if you’re lucky, I just might bake something to bring along.

For those in Seattle, I would love to see you, and if you’re not, pass it along the invite to all of your friends that call the Pacific Northwest home.

When: Saturday May 10, 2014 at 11 am

Where: Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters, 5600 Rainier Ave S, Seattle

Why: Because you love bicycles, food and supporting cool local businesses and independent book projects

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