The Culinary Cyclist Giveaway: Win a Cookbook and Over $500 of Awesome Bike and Food Gear

The day when you’re actually holding your first book in your hands is a good one. Throw that book in a bike basket and cart it around town and you have a recipe for pure bliss.

To say that it’s exciting that The Culinary Cyclist is finally out would be an understatement, but the fact that people are already enjoying it is even better. To celebrate this love of good food and two wheels (and the fact that Elly Blue let me write the damn thing), Foodie Underground has teamed up with several of our favorite bike and food loving brands to bring you the ultimate Culinary Cyclist Gift Pack. No really, you want ever single thing in this:

– A copies of The Culinary Cyclist of course

– An Urban Tote from SeaLine; 100% water proof and 100% perfect for transporting kale.

– Portland Design Work‘s Bar-ista, the perfect accessory for any cycling coffee lover; it attaches directly to your handlebar for easy coffee cup transport.

– A snazzy helmet from Nutcase Helmets to keep your brain safe; you need it to remember recipes after all.

– An entire bike-friendly outfit from Horny Toad, complete with the Coriander Skirt (yes, like the spice!), the Wellfleet Shirt, and the Lean Legging, perfect for layering on a fall ride.

– Choice of men’s or women’s Dose jacket from Nau, ideal outerwear for a drizzly day on your bike (note that the choice is between a women’s small and a men’s medium).

– Two Doppios from Innate Gear, the ideal cup to throw in your bag and use either for wine on a picnic or coffee on the go, as well as a Tiffin container, to keep your winter soups warm and waiting for you post-cyclocross race.

– The official Culinary Cyclist mug from Laura Cooke Ceramics featuring two of Johanna Kindvall‘s beautiful drawings from the book.

– Two sporks from Snow Peak, so you’ll never have to use disposable cutlery on a picnic à velo.

– The Bicyclist tote bag from AllthatIwant, which you can of course use to carry your copies of The Culinary Cyclist around town.

This Official Culinary Cyclist Gift Pack is valued at over $500.

Ready to enter? Just sign up for the Foodie Underground email.

The Fine Print:

Contest ends August 31, 2013. Colors may vary. As much as we would like to, international shipping is expensive, so we can only send this gift pack to a US address. Feel free to enter if you live abroad, but make sure you have a friend in the States that can accept your gift for you (and won’t take it for themselves!). Email addresses may be shared with participating partners. so don’t be surprised if you hear from them!

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  1. Jennifer Koskinen

    So excited for you!! Congratulations again!!
    And what an amazing goodie package / celebration this is! Subscribed, sealed and entered!

  2. Bike Pretty

    What an amazing giveaway! And congratulations on the new book. Can’t wait to check it out.

  3. innate

    Your CommentsYAY! One of our fav sites and one of our fav writers!

  4. Carolyn

    Really incredible offer, thanks!

  5. Bridget

    Congratulations Anna, Your inspirational accomplishment will surely lead others to fulfill their own hopes, dreams and inspirations …. Thank you

  6. Jeremy

    So, this contest ends on August 31, which happens to be my birthday! Good luck, everyone!

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