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Guerilla Gardening Across Europe… 9 Countries, 5,000 Miles by Bicycle

A bike tour across Europe to promote organic and urban farming.

Why Am I Not a Vegetarian?

Even if we’re not vegetarian we have to be thinking about our meat consumption.

On the Search for Natural Wine in the South of France

Exploring natural wine in the heart of Provence.

A Taste of Provence: Honey and Lavender Roasted Apricots with Goat Cheese

A trip to the south of France in search of fresh apricots and lavender fields.

Eating Well: Good Food Takes Time

It’s called the “slow food movement” for a reason.

Summer Market Cocktail with Rhubarb Mint Syrup

Summer in a glass thanks to a rhubarb mint syrup.

Why Should You Care About the Food You Buy?

Do you know what you’re buying?

Food: A Matter of Morals and Choice

Do we have a moral obligation to eat well?

21 Pick Up Lines for People That Only Eat Organic

When your latest love interest is all organic.

Food, Farmers and the Choices We Make

Eating locally isn’t just smart. It’s the socially just thing to do.