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A Little Food for Thought for Thanksgiving

Things to think about when you’re busy stuffing your face.

Are You Actually Eating Seasonally?

Are you eating seasonally or just half-assing it?

Food Builds Strong Community: Three Course Story Project

Community building: twice a week, a nonprofit project in London serves three course vegetarian meal to whomever wants it.

Can You Eat Quinoa and Feel Good About It?

If quinoa starts to grow in your backyard, what happens to the farmers that made it big?

A Taste of Provence: Honey and Lavender Roasted Apricots with Goat Cheese

A trip to the south of France in search of fresh apricots and lavender fields.

Eating Well: Good Food Takes Time

It’s called the “slow food movement” for a reason.

Summer Market Cocktail with Rhubarb Mint Syrup

Summer in a glass thanks to a rhubarb mint syrup.

Eat Local, Be Local: The Value of Community

When a farmer experiences a fire, the community rallies.

Why Should You Care About the Food You Buy?

Do you know what you’re buying?

Why Are We in Love With Markets?

There is something about going to a market that is simply wonderful. What is it?