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What is Food Justice?

Food is an excellent lens for looking at a variety of issues, including social justice. But what exactly is food justice? A Q&A with Lisa Knisely to help us better understand what food justice is all about.

Breast Cancer and Our Food: The Dirty Cycle of Pinkwashing

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with it comes a slew of advertising opportunities for big companies. It’s called: pinkwashing.

Eating Well Isn’t All About You

Want to build a more sustainable food system? Think a little less about yourself and a little more about your community.

Do You Need a Health Coach to Tell You to Eat Real Food?

Feel creeped out by health coaching? You’re not alone.

Good Food, Drink and Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden

A roundup of favorite places in Gothenburg, Sweden.

So You Want to Start a Podcast About Food? Here’s How

Love food? Love learning about it? Love talking about it? Then maybe you’ve been thinking about how to launch a podcast about food. A Q&A with Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne.

Hot Dog Pizza and Hot Dog Filled Hamburgers: Novelty Foods are the New Normal

Novelty foods aren’t novel anymore, they’re just normal food. And that’s scary.

Do We Need Farm-to-Table or Are We Just Farmwashing?

As the farm-to-table movement grows, so does farmwashing. What can we do about it?

How Much Can Writing And Talking About Food Really Change Food Culture?

When it comes to talking and writing about what we eat, how much power do we really have to change the food culture?

It’s Time to Rethink Food Waste

Food waste doesn’t have to be waste.