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Healthy Foods Are Simple Foods

Simplifying your approach to what you eat.

In the Food World, We Must Learn to Live With Restriction

If we are to improve the food system, we have to start by restricting it.

Why Am I Not a Vegetarian?

Even if we’re not vegetarian we have to be thinking about our meat consumption.

When Did Eating Become a Task? The Argument for Slowing Down

When you eat, is it just another task, or something you make time to enjoy?

A Little Food for Thought for Thanksgiving

Things to think about when you’re busy stuffing your face.

Essential Rules for Scoping Out Good, Local Food + Drink in Paris

There’s no excuse for eating or drinking poorly in Paris.

Are You Actually Eating Seasonally?

Are you eating seasonally or just half-assing it?

Eat Healthy Food or Take a Pill?

Choosing healthy food is ultimately a matter of life and death.

Eating Well: Good Food Takes Time

It’s called the “slow food movement” for a reason.