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Shandygaff: A Delicious Beer Cocktail from ‘Cocktails on Tap’

A refreshing beer cocktail made with ale and homemade ginger beer.

How to Make and Use a Ginger Bug

Capture that wild yeast and make your own sodas with a ginger bug.

Kombucha Aperol Spritz

So you want to make a kombucha cocktail?

Kombucha 101: What it Is, How to Brew it, and What to Use it For

Everything you ever wanted to know about brewing kombucha.

Mead: The Ancient Viking Drink That Goes from Bee to Bottle

Get yourself some mead and drink like a Viking.

Kombucha Smoothie with Apple, Apricot and Mint

Yes, you can make smoothies with kombucha.

I Think There’s Quinoa in My Cocktail

Quinoa: not just for your healthy bowls and wraps anymore.

Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer

A cookbook for making cocktails with beer.