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How to Make Feminist Gingerbread

A dash of cloves and ginger and a whole hell of a lot of patriarchy dismantling.

Wholier-Than-Thou: When the Holidays Ruin Your Nutritional Routine

Bi-weekly feature from Wholier-Than-Thou, a website with a healthy appetite for attitude.

Make Your Own Eggnog

Make your own eggnog from fresh farmer’s market eggs.

12 Food Gifts That Don’t Suck

Food gifts that people will actually use.

A Traditional Swedish Julbord

A menu for the classic Swedish julbord. Complete with pickled herring.

Vegan Irish Cream Liqueur

Serve on ice, use in coffee, or keep in your (secret) flask.

Amuse-Bouche: The Gift of Cast Iron

An ongoing illustrated series exploring the humor of the food world.

Zimtsterne: Cinnamon Star Cookies

The fun of baking sugar cookies, but a taste that’s so much better.