21 Pick Up Lines for When You’re Shopping for Thanksgiving Ingredients

Pick up lines just in time for Thanksgiving shopping. You never know who you’ll meet in the produce aisle.

1. You’d make for a delicious vegan alternative to meat.

2. I use homemade pumpkin spice. Would you like to try some?

3. I find that the skin on the heritage turkeys is so much smoother.

4. How will you be pureeing your root vegetables this year?

5. You wouldn’t need pumpkin pie if you invited me over for dinner.

6. I always hand whip my cream.

7. Did you want the breast?

8. What will you be stuffing your turkey with?

9. I’d love to dig into a plate of you…

10. There’s nothing quite like having fresh pie on the table.

11. I hear cranberries are really good for your skin.

12. Oh you like gherkins? I LOVE whole dill spears for my Thanksgiving table.

13. I believe in eating all organic.

14. I wouldn’t dream of buying canned cranberry sauce, it’s so much better fresh.

15. Oh, so you’re a thigh man.

16. I’m stocking up on squash to put in my cornucopia. What about you?

17. I just love baby pumpkins. They fit so perfectly in your hands.

18. I prefer a little spice added to my pie.

19. Can I serve you as a side dish?

20. Let’s get out of this grocery store and go harvest root vegetables at the farm.

21. All that tryptophan always makes me so sleepy and ready to slip into something more comfortable.

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Image: Skånska Mattuplevelser

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  1. Murray

    Oh, I bet you have quite a horn of plenty.

    • Anna Brones

      We can make that one #22.

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