Kombucha Smoothie with Apple, Apricot and Mint

Kombucha Smoothie with Apple, Apricot and Mint on Foodie Underground

Kombucha smoothies? Oh yes, I went there.

My kombucha and I are close. So close that I have a “fermentation wall” in the kitchen; a section of the wall that is painted in chalkboard paint so that I can note down when I ferment a new batch, what kind of tea I use, etc. Seriously, once you start fermenting you get a little fanatical about it.

A friend recently was given a scoby (that’s the weird gelatinous thing that floats in the kombucha; it’s also called “the mother”) and was so taken with it that he named it “Lucy.” You can see of course why this would be practical; it’s much more interesting to ask “how’s Lucy doing” than “how’s your kombucha fermentation going?”

Needless to say, I think everyone should be making kombucha at home, because at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than natural fermentation.

I’d go into how to make kombucha, but so many other people have already done so it seems silly to reinvent the wheel. Here’s a great step by step guide that you can use to start.

To be perfectly honest I have made it so many times now that I don’t even measure anything anymore. You’ll get the hang of it, I promise. All you have to do is let the mother do her thing. Give her some love. Feed her. Make sure fruit flies don’t lay eggs in her (oh yeah, it has happened before and you don’t want to deal with the gross consequences).

So, once you’ve got the kombucha down, you know what you’re going to do next? Make kombucha smoothies! I know, sounds crazy. It’s not.

The concept is simple: smoothie appropriate ingredients + kombucha + blender. Which means it really doesn’t need a recipe, now does it? My favorite however is a super simple combination of apple and mint, but of course apricots are in season right now, so I put those in everything.

How much kombucha should you use? Again, I never measure. Instead I tend to put the fruit in the blender first then pour enough kombucha in to cover the fruit.

It has become a favorite post-run drink of mine. You get an extra kick out of it than you would from just your average smoothie. A little funkier so to say. And who doesn’t want that?

Kombucha Smoothie with Apple, Apricot and Mint on Foodie Underground

Kombucha Smoothie with Apple, Apricot and Mint


1 large apple

2 apricots

A few fresh mint leaves

About 1 cup (240 milliliters) kombucha depending on what consistency you want (homemade of course!)


Place fruit and mint leaves in a blender. Add kombucha. Mix. Drink.

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  1. Hayden

    Can’t wait for Lucy’s next batch to make a smoothie!!

  2. Anna_PMorgan.

    Mint is refreshing and nothing can beat the heat better than a smoothie especially when it is prepared with Apple and Apricots 🙂 It is such a pleasure delight to have smoothie during summers. Thanks for sharing the link, a perfect 10 on 10 for fantastic presentation, I am already in love with pineapple and berries.

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