Guerilla Gardening Across Europe… 9 Countries, 5,000 Miles by Bicycle

This summer, Tom Boyden cycled 5,000 miles through 9 countries. Why? To guerilla garden.

Guerilla gardening and bicycles, the perfect combination? One of them.

Save Our Soils 5000 mile cycle tour from Tom Boyden on Vimeo.

How did Boyden get to being so passionate about food systems that he would take on 5,000 miles by bicycle?

His senior year in high school Boyden was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

“Doctors told me I had to think harder about my food choices. They also told me to eat bland foods, foods low in fat, and no raw vegetables. At first I ate their medications and steroids, thereby reducing my immune response to that of a 9 month old child. Then, something miraculous happened. I noticed that eating vegetables, fruits, good quality meats, nuts, and substantial exercise made me feel infinitely better. I told Crohn’s and my doctors to fuck off, dropped my medication habit and began putting some thought  into what went into my body.”

And that was how an interest in food began. Since then he has worked on numerous farms and found himself in a career of organic and urban farming. As Boyden says:

Rural agriculture will and should never be completely phased out; we must create a synergistic relationship between urban and rural farming to even begin thinking about feeding the expanding urban population. Organic small-scale agriculture is a sustainable, healthy, empowering alternative to conventional large-scale agriculture.

Eventually he got around to planning a trip around Europe, working with and filming organic farmers, swapping seeds and planting at iconic European sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Berlin wall, promoting healthy soils and food systems in the process.

I have been told he even had kale seeds with him.

To learn more about Boyden’s work and his Europen tour check out his website

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