Foodie Holidaze: Revamping Classic Holiday Recipes for the Food Conscious

Favorite holiday snacks, family food traditions. We all have them.

When the holidays roll around it’s all of a sudden appropriate to eat things like cheese balls and jello salads with marshmallows. Problem: you’re afraid your foodie friends will hate you if you make something that has at least one ingredient that comes in a box or out of a can, but you can’t bring a complicated dish to the family reunion, because you’ll alienate your more middle American family. What’s a food lover that can’t eat enough kale but feels a familial duty to the Uncle who thinks ketchup is a vegetable to do?

Recipe revamp.

At Foodie Underground we’re launching our Foodie Holidaze series to do just that. We’ll be taking classic holiday recipes and sassing them up a bit so that you can make something that your food snob friends will approve of but that won’t alienate your family, Republican or otherwise.┬áThink Betty Crocker with artisan sea salt.

But wait, there’s more…

The holiday season has put us in a giving spirit.

Send us your favorite holiday guilty snack pleasure – we love green bean casserole too, don’t worry – and we’ll pick one to revamp, foodie style. The winning dish will win a $70 gift certificate from our good friends at Horny Toad and a handmade Laura Cooke Ceramics coffee mug (with an animal print of your choice). Email your suggestions to info[at]foodieunderground[dot]com or use #foodieholidaze on Twitter.

Image: Dyanna Hyde

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