Fast Food Companies Are Working Hard to Make Their Processed Food Look More Natural

It’s not just coopting the word artisan, because the general population has begun to veer towards more natural and authentic looking food (read: NOT over processed) fast food companies are now making their food do just that.

“When stretching out the dough for its premium “Artisan Pizzas,” Domino’s workers are instructed not to worry about making the rectangles too perfect: The pies are supposed to have a more rustic look.

At McDonald’s, the egg whites for the new breakfast sandwich called the Egg White Delight McMuffin have a loose shape rather than the round discs used in the original Egg McMuffin.

And Kraft Foods took more than two years to develop a process to make the thick, uneven slabs of turkey in its Carving Board line look like leftovers from a homemade meal rather than the cookie-cutter ovals typical of most lunchmeat.”

In other words: you don’t actually have to eat better, you can just eat things that look more natural. Reminder that not matter how processed food is packaged, it’s still processed food.

Via: Boston Herald

Image: UggBoy


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