The Culinary Cyclist: A Cookbook for People Who Love Bikes

The rules for living well, if you can call them that, are simple and a pleasure to follow. Eat local and mostly plants. Ride your bike, even on rainy days. Say yes to dinner invitations. Always bring your signature dessert. Invite people on picnics. Bike in the sunshine. Follow a morning ride with a strong French press. – The Culinary Cyclist

The first cookbook of its kind, The Culinary Cyclist is a gorgeous staple for any kitchen where bicycling and healthy, delicious food are priorities.

Concocted by Anna Brones and lovingly illustrated by Johanna Kindvall, this cookbook is your guide to hedonistic two-wheeled living. Recipes are all gluten free and mostly vegan and include such decadent basics as Sea Salt Chocolate Cake and baked eggs in avocado halves (it may just be the perfect breakfast) are paired with cheerful instructions for gracefully hosting a dinner party, gifting food, bulk shopping by bicycle, and two-wheeled picnics.

The Culinary Cyclist: A Cookbook and Companion for the Good Life

This cookbook is suitable for experienced cooks looking to add kitchen flair to their repertoire as well as beginners in the kitchen who want to start out their culinary lives on the right foot. This may be the first cookbook out there that assumes its readers use a bicycle to do everything from grocery shop to picnic to bring an unforgettable cake, in one piece, to a dinner party.

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