Coming in 2013: ‘The Culinary Cyclist’ Book

Editor’s note: You can order a copy of The Culinary Cyclist now!

A new year inevitably means new projects, and it’s with great excitement that I let you in on the first one: the forthcoming book, The Culinary Cyclist.

As these things often do, the idea for The Culinary Cyclist started over a round of kale smoothies (I am not kidding). Portland-based writer, cycling advocate and all around woman-that-makes-shit-happen Elly Blue and I were talking about the latest projects with her independent publishing company, Taking the Lane Media. This of course resulted in a bit of a brainstorm, including a discussion of local food and bicycles.

“Why don’t you publish a book about bikes and food?” I asked her.

“Why don’t you write it?” she responded.

And that is how The Culinary Cyclist was born. I quickly dragged Johanna Kindvall on board for illustrations, and we made a plan.

So what exactly is this book?

The Culinary Cyclist is a guidebook to good living, based around two loves: bikes and food.

The guiding principles are simple: Eat local. Mostly plants. Ride your bike. Even on rainy days. Say yes to dinner invitations. Always bring your signature dessert. Invite people on picnics. Bike in the sunshine. Follow a morning ride with a strong French press.

Just like you once mastered two wheels, this book is about mastering food, making it easy, fun and as sustainable as humanly possible. It’s a vehicle for thinking about what you eat, but also for enjoying it and finding pleasure in the smallest culinary tasks. This is your guide to ensuring that you can master any situation, and are well on your way to living the good life.

Intrigued? I hope so.

The opportunity to have a project in print is very exciting, and The Culinary Cyclist is slated for publishing in late spring. Thanks to Elly and Johanna for making this happen, and I hope that you Foodie Underground readers are as excited about it as we are.

Keep an eye out for project updates and how you can take part… In the meantime, here’s to good food and a life on two wheels!

Update: It’s out! Buy a copy of The Culinary Cyclist now!

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  1. Whitney Conner Clapper

    YES, I can’t wait to feast upon this book and all of its delicious paragraphs. Nice work on a beautiful collaboration gone well!

    • Anna Brones

      Thank you lady!!!

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  3. kfinn

    fantastic! look forward to checking it out!

  4. greg

    Thought of you yesterday when Erin did a batch of high calorie savoury snacks as a sub for bars on winter rides. Most Tasty

  5. Alexandria

    CANNOT wait to buy this book! Lemme at it!
    Congrats Anna, so RAD.

    • Anna Brones

      Thank you lady!! It has some of your favorite recipes in it 🙂

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  7. Carolyn

    Your Comments
    I just love this, congratulations! Is the book available yet? (I went to culinary school & my hubs and I enjoy riding… I’d love to get him this book for our anniversary in June)… Please let me know how/when I can purchase a copy. xoxo

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