A Look at ‘Comestible’ – The New Indie Food Quarterly (Win a Copy!)

I had an idea many, many months ago. So many months that I should probably calculate in years instead.

The idea was to launch my own print publication.

Moderately crazy? Probably.

The idea marinated for a long time. I am the kind of writer who usually sits on assignments until right before they are due, but when I finally sit down to get them done, I find that they often flow quite well. It’s as if my brain has taken the assignment, and kept it in my subconscious for an extended period of time, occasionally coming back to it to make mental notes, and filing them away until the moment that I need them.

That’s kind of how Comestible came to be.

It went from a “I am thinking about launching a print publication” to “I am doing this and I am doing it right NOW.” Somehow all of the pieces came together and it went from just a concept to a real thing that I could hold in my hand. Not that you should think that it just spontaneously happened. It was all thanks to a lot of work and a lot of support from many wonderful people.

Comestible: Spring 2016

Comestible: Spring 2016 - a Quarterly About Real Food

The whole process of going from concept to product has been a lesson in throwing myself completely into something. A lesson in accepting mistakes and flaws and appreciating a project as a whole instead of focusing on all of its individual parts. A lesson in taking risks and trying something without knowing exactly how things will end up.

Comestible: Spring 2016 came out about a month ago, but I have been so occupied with other things that I entirely forgot to write about it here. I guess that was inevitable.

But now here we are.

Let me tell you a little more about Comestible. It’s a print quarterly (64 pages) dedicated to food, the places it comes from and the people who grow it. While it’s published quarterly, and themed around the season that it’s published in, I envision it being kept on your cookbook shelf for years to come, pulled down when the season begins, as inspiration for what you’ll cook and what you’ll grow. I really hope that it challenges people to think a little differently about food and where it comes from.


There is still a little over a month left of spring, so no time like the present to give a few copies of the inaugural issue away! It’s full of spring recipes (I am obsessed with the one for Asparagus & Egg Salad from my friend Kristen – page 44) as well as lots of essays on growing and eating food.

Comestible: Spring 2016

Want to win a copy? I have a few to give away. Leave a comment below and tell me what you would want to read in a food publication. A certain recipe? A story about a certain producer? Essays? Poems? Guides to how to grow things? I want to hear about what you wish food publications were covering. Because, above all, I want Comestible to be different from what is already out there.

Comestible: Spring 2016

I am also getting ready to launch the crowdfunding campaign for the spring issue, so if you want to be updated on that, please sign up for the Foodie Underground newsletter.

Want to support indie publishing and order the inaugural issue of Comestible? You can do so here.

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  1. Bridget C

    I’d love to see vegan food recipes; growing your own herbs. Thanks!

  2. Susan Nugent

    I love the Spring issue of Comestible. i Am looking for a Pumpkin soup recipe. Good luck….

  3. Jennifer

    Hello! Congratulations on your journal, it looks wonderful. I would like to see a series of stories about food culture in other countries – not just the usual listicles like “7 places to get great street food in …” but the backbone of food. Do farmers in Asia have the same problems of commodity pricing as in the US? Do other countries suffer from food deserts? How do other countries handle living wage and tipping issues? What is the impact of food products that are less heavily regulated than they are in the US? We get so focused on our own country but maybe there are things we can learn from others!

  4. Cassie

    You see, I generally get these creative “bugs” where I’d get this huge urge to write something and then my ideas flow so naturally that I can write an entire post in under an hour. But sometimes when I sit down to formally write a post, I can’t think of anything. It’s like my creativity comes in bouts! Anyways, when I do get something done, it feels absolutely incredible too!

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