Essential Swedish Christmas Recipes

Celebrate Christmas like a Swede. God Jul!

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with Swedish Semlor (Yes, It’s a Gluten-Free Version)

Classic Swedish semlor, a traditional recipe and a revamped gluten-free and vegan one.

Saffron Bun Cookies – Saffransbullar Kakor

A gluten-free cookie that is a delicious rendition of the classic Swedish saffron bun.

Glad Första Advent! Revamped Pepparkakor (Swedish Gingersnaps)

Traditional Swedish pepparkakor, revamped to be gluten-free and vegan.

Swedish Mustard Herring

Make a classic Swedish dish of pickled mustard herring for Easter.

A Different Mardi Gras: How to Make Swedish Semlor

A classic Swedish pastry to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

A Traditional Swedish Julbord

A menu for the classic Swedish julbord. Complete with pickled herring.