Brew Your Coffee with a Wood Pour Over


Wood? What?

Yes. It’s called the Canadiano and it’s as awesome as it sounds. Simple, efficient, reusable, no filter waste.

“Carved out of Cherry, Walnut and Maple wood, the Canadiano is the Canadian pour-over method of brewing coffee. You place the Canadiano on your cup, add two spoons of coffee and pour hot water into the wooden bowl. 2-4 minutes later your coffee is ready.
Designed for personal use and crafted for picky coffee drinkers, the wooden piece will remember each cup of coffee you make.”

If you don’t think this is cool then you may want to get your head checked.

Also, these promo videos are hilarious.

Canadiano, Ezra the designer. Part 1/4 from Fishtnk on Vimeo.

Canadiano | Parker, Manmade Coffee – Part 2/4 from Fishtnk on Vimeo.

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