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Strawberry Cardamom Cordial

All strawberries, all the time.

Sliced Rye and Almond Pepparkakor

Swedish sliced pepparkakor made with 100% wholegrain rye flour.

A Podcast About Food, Race, Class and Gender: Q&A with Soleil Ho of Racist Sandwich

A challenge to think deeper about how food, race, gender and class are interconnected.

Using Food to Change the Thanksgiving Narrative

Using food as a vehicle for acknowledging the truth about Thanksgiving.

A Desk Calendar for Food Lovers

A desk calendars that turns into a series of postcards when each month is over.

Chanterelle Tart with Rye Crust

A cozy recipe for fall with a combination of typical Scandinavian flavors.

Autumn Reading: Comestible Issue 6

Put Comestible: Issue 6 on your autumn reading list.

Swedish Strawberry Cake with Cardamom

A classic cake to celebrate Swedish midsummer.