A Look Inside Comestible: Volume 2

Earlier this year, I launched Comestible, a small print publication. Think of it like Foodie Underground in print, a publication devoted to food, the places it comes from and the people who grow it. If Foodie Underground has been a little quiet for the last few months it is because a lot of energy has producing Comestible. A reminder that print takes time.

Comestible Journal Volume 2

The second edition is dedicated to origin, particularly the origin of some of our favorite (often exotic) foods: coffee, chocolate and wine. I was honored to have three very talented writers take on these three topics.

Eileen P. Kenny brings us to the homeland of coffee, Ethiopia, with Simran Sethi we explore the world of chocolate and winemaker Emily Towe leads us on a journey of natural wine, taking a look at producers who are challenging conventional winemaking norms (which involve a whole lot more additives than you ever thought).

Comestible Journal Volume 2

Breaking out of the “edible” box, there’s also an essay by Sasha Duerr of the origin of dyes, in this case, plant dyes. I think there is a lot of crossover between the worlds of food and fiber and this is one of them. Duerr also includes a recipe for dyeing with wild fennel. Eat it and wear it!

Comestible Journal Volume 2

There’s all of this and a whole lot more, so if you feel like your bookshelf needs a copy of Comestible (trust me, it does!) you can snag a copy here.

And remember, all the contributors to Comestible are paid; with your purchase you are supporting working writers and artists!

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