25 Pick Up Lines for Kale Lovers

Pick up lines for those who love kale... because life is sexier with big leafy greens. 

Is that a stalk in your bag or are you just happy to see me.

I love throwing a few kale leaves into a hot pan. 

There’s nothing more fortifying than a mouthful of hearty kale.

Pleasure? I take so much pleasure in growing this.

You are as scrumptious as a good bunch of kale.

Mmmmmm, is this an annual or biennial?

I love being filled… with kale’s rich beta carotene.

These kale leaves are big enough to climb under and take a power nap… with you that is.

I’d like to lower your cholesterol with some hot kale.

I’d like to steam YOUR kale…

Oh, I could eat kale year round when I’m with you.

Have you ever gone on an intimate kale detox? We should go.

Mmmmm, you’re like a modern day Popeye… who eats kale.

So much green sure does do a body good.

Can I show you my kale beds?

I prefer it leafy.

I love varietals that flourish in the cold of winter.

Are you a Lacinto or Redbor kind of girl/guy?

Do you know where I can get a nice big stalk around here? 

My body does need more iron.

May I sprinkle some sea salt on that for you?

Do you like it sauteed or pan fried?

These leaves get me thinking about all the good things I could cook for you with them.

Don’t worry, these greens are local and full of flavor.

If you were a stalk of kale I would eat you raw.


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