20 Things You Might Hear Your Children Say Easter Morning if They Knew About Fair Trade Chocolate

Is your chocolate fair trade?

Non-fair trade chocolate? I love the taste of exploitation, thanks Easter bunny.

Thank god, mom dropped the hippie crap and got us some real candy.

Mom, why do you hate Guatemalan farm laborers so much?

You’re aware of Mars’ hiring practices and you still went with pastel M&M’s?

A friend told me the Cadbury Bunny can’t even turn around in its cage.

This chocolate tastes like someone was ripped off mom.

Is this chocolate grown too far away from the equator?

I’m not sure if I am tasting sea salt or sweat from an unfairly paid worker…

Next year let’s pick out a chocolate company that helped build a school!

I taste trans fat.

Was this made from an independent farmer’s chocolate?

This chocolate has palm oil? Aren’t I worth more than that?

I’d rather eat a chocolate egg that didn’t have a touch of child labor in it.

Is that orange zest or just bad sourcing practices?

I love easter egg hunts and all, but let’s talk about labor rights.

How many hours of exploited labor went into to that bunny’s ear?

If you didn’t buy Fair Trade, I’m boycotting this holiday.

Did you buy something that isn’t dripping with slave labor?

I feel as empty as that rainforest that was stripped for this chocolate bar.

I like this chocolate bunny, but do you think the cocoa was rigorously sourced?

All jokes aside… According to researchers at Tulane University in 2010, 1.8 million children ages 5 to 17 were forced laborers on cocoa farms across the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Chocolate is a billion dollar industry, and it is one that has serious negative effects. Only about 5% of chocolate sold worldwide is certified to be free of exploitative child labor. So choose your chocolate wisely.

With contributions from Tyler Forrest.

Image: fotologic

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