10 Haikus All About Real Food


Eat real food, and eat well.

Usually Foodie Underground is a lengthy column about some version of the six words above. Sometimes I feel that every week I am just trying to find a new and creative way to say the exact same thing: eat real food. One week it can be an argument for buying dirty vegetables, another a dive into the world of direct trade coffee. But ultimately, the message remains the same. And when you write the same message all the time, you have to learn how to switch it up.

So this week, I figured that I should try a different spin on it. Yes, today’s column is all about real food, just as usual, except today it’s not a column; it’s a collection of haikus.

Why haikus? Because like real food, haikus are simple. They get to the essence of things in just a few syllables. What better way to talk about the simplicity and beauty of real food than this?

With that, here are 10 haikus all about good, simple food and eating well.


Autumn always brings

Another harvest season

Ripe for the taking


Food on the table

Drink poured into every glass

Is this not living?


Easy, simple, fast

Is there better happiness

Than fridge leftovers?


If you cannot pick

What stares at you from the plate

Cannot be real food


Dirt on your fingers

Smell of rain permeating

This is how food grows


It begins a seed

Growing into mighty plant

Cut for sustenance


We were all seeds once

This we share with food we eat

Born from Mother Earth


War is waged daily

McDonalds, Burger King

Food battles we fight


Orange, red, yellow

Exploding from the table

Colorful season


We must breath and eat

Good food sustains the good life

Take time to enjoy

Originally published on EcoSalon

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