What’s In Season: March

We’re nearing the end of Root Vegetable Hell. While the potatoes are still in abundance, there are flickers of hope on the market table, like bright red radishes. After several winter months, the rebirth of spring produce is a much welcomed affair. The addition of new ingredients to the shopping list makes us excited about cooking again.

“From my farmer,” said Emily, pushing a bowl full of radishes towards me. She was referring to the farmer that she buys her produce from at the weekend market. They were colorful sitting on the bowl of the table, and eating them felt like eating candy. They didn’t need to be cooked or salted or dipped in anything; they were wonderful just the way they were.

March is a reminder that you can survive winter. Maybe the sun will grant you a few nice days, you’ll ride your bicycle with a spring jacket and you’ll feel a renewed sense of hope. And even if blustery winter weather comes back with a vengeance, you will be fueled to make it through to the upcoming months of April and May, the promise of plentiful produce and warm days pushing you forward.

What’s in Season: March




Brussels Sprouts


Citrus fruits












Spring Onion

Sweet Potatoes


Some seasonal recipes to try:

Chickpea Crepe Tacos with Raw Beets and Carrots

Savory Leek Spread with Thyme and Oregano

Lemony Parsley and Mint Pesto


What’s In Season is a monthly roundup of… wait for it… what’s in season. Now granted, doing a list of what’s in season is a little hard – I don’t have the exact GPS coordinates of every single reader. But I am going to base this off of my own experience and what I’m currently buying and eating, so we’re talking Northern Hemisphere, which accounts for a lot of you readers. You may not find all of the things at the in season list at your local market, but at least it will give you a good idea of what would be good to put on your plate.

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