What’s In Season: July

What's In Season: July on Foodie Underground

I was recently asked by someone, “so, what’s in season right now?”

Excuse me?

Quite frankly, I was taken aback by the question. For me, seasonal foods are obvious. But the question wasn’t sarcastic, and this was someone who seemingly appreciated good food. But he simply wasn’t attuned to what was in season.

I thought about this for awhile, and the more I thought about it, the less surprising his question was. We live in a world where we can have anything we want, anytime we want it. With modern agriculture, we can also grow things outside of their natural seasons (thanks greenhouses!).

If you go to the grocery store you’ll see pretty much all fruits and vegetables. Certainly, there are a few that won’t come until the season is right, but in general, in the supermarkets of the Western World we really do have access to almost everything.

This access however has thrown our natural balance off. We don’t live with the seasons, and in turn, we don’t know what foods are seasonal. If you get your vegetables from a CSA, shop at a market, or tend your own garden, you might have a better feeling of what’s in season, because when those green beans and rhubarb stalks come out after a long winter of root vegetables, you’ll be standing doing a dance in your kitchen.

What's In Season: July on Foodie Underground

This is all to say: it’s important to know what’s in season. It allows you to eat more in balance with the natural world, and it’s tasty. An out of season tomato has nothing on those that have ripened in the summer sun. (And seriously, if there’s one thing you should stop buying, it’s out of season tomatoes.)

So from here on out on Foodie Underground I’ll be devoting a monthly roundup to what’s in season. Now granted, doing a list of what’s in season is a little hard – I don’t have the exact GPS coordinates of every single reader. But I am going to base this off of my own experience and what I’m currently buying and eating, so we’re talking Northern Hemisphere, which accounts for a lot of you readers.

You may not find all of the things at the in season list at your local market, but at least it will give you a good idea of what would be good to put on your plate.

Happy eating!

What's In Season: July on Foodie Underground

What’s in Season: July



Black and Red Currants






Fava Beans


Green Beans











Some seasonal recipes to try:

Honey and Lavender Roasted Apricots with Goat Cheese

No-Bake Summer Berry Tart

Marinated Cucumbers with Mint

Summer Market Cocktail with Rhubarb Mint Syrup

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