This Week in Food: How to Forage for Seaweed, American Food Culture, and Allergic Rich Kids

Don’t keep a constant eye on what’s happening in the food world? Don’t worry, Foodie Underground has you covered with a weekly roundup of all the food-related links you could ask for. Consider it your recommended weekend reading.

Don’t contribute to the $282 million of wasted turkey this year, make sure you put all of it to use. Via Treehugger

How exactly do you forage for seaweed? A guide to what could be your new favorite activity. Via The Guardian

Ruth Reichl tells us that there is in fact an American food culture, and we have immigrants to thank. Via Salon

Cardamom in coffee? Yeah, we’ve been doing that for years. Via The Kitchn

Is it possible that we’ll run out of coconut trees for our beloved coconut oil and water? Via NPR

Are rich kids more prone to food allergies? Hint: germs and dirt are good for you. Via TakePart

Image: jelles

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