Things The Person Next To You At the Food Co-Op (or Whole Foods) Was Probably Thinking

“I can’t believe they don’t sell black quinoa.”

“Shit, it’s already 5pm, there won’t be any natural light left for me to photograph this when I get home.”

“I wonder if acai berries or goji berries would make for a better second kombucha fermentation?”

“Why don’t they have food-grade twine available yet?”

“They’re out of mason jars???”

“Just look at the price of Sriracha, I am so glad I make my own.”

“Ooh, dark chocolate covered cardamom and chipotle infused candied ginger for only $19.99. I’ll take three!”

“Quail eggs; that would make my Friday night handmade ramen better.”

“No more pomegranate? What am I going to put on my steel cut oats tomorrow?”

“Truffles! Normally I only get the white ones, but I guess I can make an exception…”

“The floral notes and the over pronounced acidity on that wine were just terrible last time.”

“Why is there never a non-fat goat’s yogurt?”

“Oh look, hand-churned butter with chunky sea salt!”

“I need a turmeric ginger infusion, I hope the juice bar isn’t closed yet.”

“I want a cupcake.”

Originally published on EcoSalon

Image: Wally Gobetz

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  1. Cassie

    This was so funny and entertaining! My thoughts are “Sigh. Organic Fuji apples are just so expensive!”

    • Anna Brones

      Ha! Truth! To which I reply “well, because you’re standing in front of the ones from New Zealand.” 😉

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