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When We Try to Eat Local, Why Don’t We Think About Where Our Flour Comes From?

In a locavore diet, where our flour comes from is just as important as our produce.

Mead: The Ancient Viking Drink That Goes from Bee to Bottle

Get yourself some mead and drink like a Viking.

What the Healthiest Foods Make Us Forget to Consider

We care about nutrition, but are the healthiest foods in season or local?

Treat Your Coffee Like You Treat Your Food

You know where your food comes from and how it was produced; what about your coffee?

Real Food, Real Talk: Does it Really Matter What We Eat?

Eat well all the time can be exhausting. Does it really matter?

An Ode to Spring and All its Good Food

An ode to the seasonal foods of spring.

11 Reasons to Completely Change Your Diet and How You Eat

What does your daily diet consist of?

Dear McDonald’s: Serving Sustainable Beef Doesn’t Make You Responsible

McDonald’s commits to serving sustainable beef by 2020. Oh great.

Make Your Own Eggnog

Make your own eggnog from fresh farmer’s market eggs.

Why Am I Not a Vegetarian?

Even if we’re not vegetarian we have to be thinking about our meat consumption.