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How Do We Solve Our Health and Environmental Problems? Focus on Taste

What if the solution to our health and environmental problems was a matter of just making better tasting food?

Breast Cancer and Our Food: The Dirty Cycle of Pinkwashing

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with it comes a slew of advertising opportunities for big companies. It’s called: pinkwashing.

Do Food Companies Sell Us a Myth About the Link Between Exercise and Obesity?

You can’t outrun bad food. But that’s not what food companies want you to think.

What’s the Real Problem With All of Those TV Cooking Shows?

Where’s the cooking show about healthy, simple, real food?

Do We Actually Know How to Eat Healthy, Or Do We Just Think We Do?

Is the average American incapable of healthy eating?

Does the Sugar Lobby Want Us to Keep Our Sugar Addiction?

Our sugar addiction is fueled by the sugar lobby.

Healthy Living: Eat Good Food and Don’t Feel Guilty About It

We have to build a healthy relationship to good food.

Healthy Foods Are Simple Foods

Simplifying your approach to what you eat.

In the Food World, We Must Learn to Live With Restriction

If we are to improve the food system, we have to start by restricting it.