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When We Try to Eat Local, Why Don’t We Think About Where Our Flour Comes From?

In a locavore diet, where our flour comes from is just as important as our produce.

Food Not Lawns: A Smarter, More Sustainable Use of Space

If you commit to “grow food not lawns,” you’re not just committing to better food security, you’re committing to a better community.

Do We Need Farm-to-Table or Are We Just Farmwashing?

As the farm-to-table movement grows, so does farmwashing. What can we do about it?

If You’re Committed to Eating Locally, How Do You Reconcile Eating Foods From Afar?

If you enjoy food from other cultures, how do they fit into a locavore diet?

What Food Rules Do You Live By? {A Giveaway!}

Win a letterpress print of the U.S. Food Administration’s 1917 food rules.