Preorder ‘Paris Coffee Revolution’ – A Book About the French Capital’s Changing Coffee Scene

For the last two years I have been covering the constantly developing specialty coffee scene in Paris. For a long time, Paris was a place that was known for bad quality coffee and not much else. But in the last few years, this has changed, and nowadays there are a handful of local specialty roasters and a long list of cafes where you’re sure to get served a good cup.

Last year photographer Jeff Hargrove reached out to me. He had been bitten by the coffee bug and as a portrait photographer, he wanted to self-publish a book with portraits of the “coffee entrepreneurs” in Paris – the people who helped to change the coffee scene. But he wanted more than portraits, he wanted a story. And so I came along to help write that story: Paris Coffee Revolution.

Paris Coffee Revolution by Jeff Hargrove and Anna Brones

After a lot of hard work, we are finally wrapping up this project and sending it off to the printer. To cover printing costs, we have a crowdfunding campaign going, which gives you the chance to preorder a copy of the book. For anyone that preorders during this campaign, not only do you get a discounted price on the book but your copy will also be signed. And who doesn’t love a signed book?

Paris Coffee Revolution by Jeff Hargrove and Anna Brones

Paris Coffee Revolution by Jeff Hargrove and Anna Brones

The book is being printed in Denmark (at a printing company that also has an organic farm and beehives, which I think we can all agree is awesome) on FSC-certified paper, and has over 100 photos. As well as some killer text, of course. What’s not shown in the cover photo above (because it’s just a mockup) is that the thread that the book is bound with will be brown, inspired by the color of coffee.

Want a look at how coffee in Paris has changed over the last decade, and where we might go from here? You can pre-order your copy of Paris Coffee Revolution here.

Images: Jeff Hargrove/Paris Coffee Revolution

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  1. Cassie

    Parisian coffee must be delicious! I have to get this book!

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