Paris: Loustic (Good Coffee and Kale Chips)

Finding good coffee in Paris is a bit of a game. Try the “trial and error” method and you’ll be quickly disappointed, stuck drinking mediocre Cafe Richard or Nespresso for most of your outings. Try the “do your research and perk up your ears every time someone mentions the word torréfaction” (that’s “roasting” in case you were wondering) method and you’ll be much more satisfied.

The whole it’s-difficult-t0-get-good-coffee-in-Paris discussion is nothing new, but in a city that loves food and wine and cherishes its local producers, it still never fails to shock me at how bad the coffee can be. No really, as in, awful.

So thank god for places like Loustic, an espresso bar in the 3rd run by Channa Galhenage, a man that knows how to rock a driving cap and a bow tie. You know when you stumble upon a guy that five minutes into your conversation is talking about Stumptown that you’re in the right place. He gets his coffee from Caffenation in Belgium and if you stay in there long enough, you’re sure to try an espresso in all of the available blends.

He wants it to be a neighborhood espresso bar, the kind of place that you drop in, grab a good cup of coffee and feel right at home, so put that iPhone and Macbook away and spend some time getting to know the place.

Oh, and they serve vegetarian quiche and kale chips via The Kale Project. In other words, a Parislandia haven.

40 rue Chapon, 75003
Website + Map

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  1. Eddy

    Spot on! Forget abour Café Ricahrd and other “pisse d’âne” (that’s French for “awful coffee” 🙂 ) – Channa is your man! Known this coffee hero for some time now, and his passion is second to none …

  2. Lindsey

    One of my favorite local haunts!

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