My Books

Besides running Foodie Underground, I am also an author. Here is a list of my books currently published:

CC coverfor FUThe Culinary Cyclist (1st edition: Elly Blue Publishing, 2013, 2nd edition: Microcosm Publishing, 2015)

“The rules for living well, if you can call them that, are simple and a pleasure to follow. Eat local and mostly plants. Ride your bike, even on rainy days. Say yes to dinner invitations. Always bring your signature dessert. Invite people on picnics. Bike in the sunshine. Follow a morning ride with a strong French press.”

So begins The Culinary Cyclist: A Cookbook and Companion for the Good Life, Anna Brones’ love song to the dual pleasures of eating well and getting around by bicycle. More than a cookbook, it’s a guide to good living. Illustrator Johanna Kindvall adds charm and clarity to the essays and recipes. The book is packed with clear, simple, Swedish-inspired recipes that include such delights as baked eggs in avocados (perhaps the ideal breakfast food) and a classic, creamy chocolate cake that happens to be made without gluten.

Other sections include planning guides for key life activities like shopping by bicycle, making your own bags to use for produce and bulk goods, hosting a successful dinner party, and setting off for an impromptu picnic without breaking your champagne glasses in your bike pannier. All recipes in the book are vegetarian and gluten-free, many are vegan, and all are delicious, suitable for beginner cooks or those looking to branch out.

Note: 1st edition copies are available at half off right now!

Fika The Art of the Swedish Coffee BreakFika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break (Ten Speed Press, 2015)

An illustrated lifestyle cookbook on the Swedish tradition of fika–a twice-daily coffee break–including recipes for traditional baked goods, information and anecdotes about Swedish coffee culture, and the roots and modern incarnations of this cherished custom.

Sweden is one of the world’s top coffee consuming nations, and the twice-daily social coffee break known as fika is a cherished custom. Fika can be had alone or in groups, indoors or outdoors, while traveling or at home. A time to take a rest from work and chat with friends or colleagues over a cup and a sweet treat, fika reflects the Swedish ideal of slowing down to appreciate life’s small joys. In this adorable illustrated cookbook, Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall share nearly fifty classic recipes from their motherland—from cinnamon buns and ginger snaps to rhubarb cordial and rye bread—allowing all of us to enjoy this charming tradition regardless of where we live.

Paris Coffee Revolution Buy ButtonParis Coffee Revolution (Les Nouveaux Artisans, 2015)

Paris Coffee Revolution is the story of how Paris became a specialty coffee hotspot, a book profiling the people who, through their vision and passion brought good coffee to the French capital. Working together, photographer Jeff Hargroveand writer Anna Brones have created a high-quality art book, which documents how Paris went from coffee “deadzone” to burgeoning specialty coffee capital, and what the future might hold. Paris Coffee Revolution is both a visual and written account of not just Paris’ new coffee scene, but of the passion that drives the craftsmen and craftswomen behind it.