Kombucha Aperol Spritz

Cocktails aren’t something that I have ever really done on Foodie Underground before – I take that back, it’s something that I have never done. But hey, there’s a time for everything.

Recipe: Kombucha Aperol Spritz on Foodie Underground

I drank my first Aperol Spritz on a summer trip to Amsterdam, which could be considered a bit odd since the the bitter liqueur that is the drink’s namesake hails from Italy. But we all know the great thing about Europe is that different cultures and cuisines are so close together. Culinary specialties cross borders all the time.

My friend Rachel and I were sitting in a square filled with outdoor seating from the neighboring cafes and bars. We were frowning at the Dutch delicacies on the bar menu – bitterballen?? – when someone came up and offered us a free drink.

A free drink? What was this, heaven?

We were served two Aperol Spritzes – free thanks to an Aperol marketing campaign, which obviously worked – and I wondered how I had gone so long without knowing about this cocktail. Refreshing, a little bitter, and a lot of bubbly, it’s essentially the perfect summer drink.

Usually made with prosecco, I’ve started making it at home using kombucha. Hippie bubbles! Because if you’re going to make a cocktail, and part of it involves an imported liqueur, at least part of it should be homemade, right? “Drink mostly local” so to say.

With only two ingredients, it’s one of the easiest cocktails you can make (and remember that simplicity is an essential part of a Foodie Underground recipe).

Happy summer drinking.

Recipe: Kombucha Aperol Spritz on Foodie Underground

Kombucha Aperol Spritz


3/4 ounces / 2 cl / 4.5 teaspoons Aperol

3 to 4 ounces / 9 to 12 cl / 6 to 8 tablespoons kombucha, cold (I use one that has gone through a second fermentation with fruit, which makes it a little sweeter)

Ice cubes


Place ice cubes in a glass, pour in Aperol and add kombucha.

Drink. Make another. You’re drinking kombucha after all.

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    Kombucha hurts my tummy 🙁 this looks so beautiful!

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