Kale, Sea Salt and a Pinch of Snark: The New Foodie Underground

As these things often do, it all started with a dinner party. Another one of those quaint-hanging-lights-dimly-lighting-a-handmade-picnic-table-that’s-filled-with-all-sorts-of-homegrown-heirlooms-and-quinoa-salad-varieties kind of an affair.

“Anna, these people love food. If you got everyone here to write an article a week, you would have more content than you would know what to do with.”

We were discussing the merits of food media and whether or not the world needed another food blog (short answer: no), but how we all still felt that nothing really out there satisfied our cravings. I thought about this and let the idea marinate (pun intended).

Take a look at standard food media and blogs. We’re talking a lot. But we’re not doing. I wanted more action. A place to educate, inspire and be part of a movement, not just part of a trend. If we have a responsibility to care about food, we should be creating a space where doing so is fun, collaborative and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I like kale. I like sea salt. Last night for dinner I made roasted vegetables, quinoa cakes, vegan dill sauce and an almond fig tart for dessert… in thirty minutes. But say all of those things in one sentence and it sounds a little pretentious.

There’s a reason that many find the food movement elitist: because we have made it so. We’ve become so jaded that when someone starts talking about locally produced artisan cheese, we immediately roll our eyes. But if you have the resources, isn’t buying that cheese better than funneling your money into a highly processed Kraft product?

It’s time to take a step back and really look at our relationship with, not only what we eat, but the places food comes from and the people that produce it.

A friend emailed me yesterday with the following:

You know I am not an on paper “foodie” but this really gets to the heart of my unarticulated feelings towards our responsibility to food when considering “voting with your fork”. So, I guess in a lot of ways, even though I don’t know exactly how to cut a carrot for a salad and grocery stores scare me, I am in some ways a “foodie”.

Call yourself whatever you want, but we all need to eat and it’s important to remember that every time we do so, we are making a statement.

And that’s what Foodie Underground aims to do: create a space where we can talk and learn about food while at the same time not taking ourselves too seriously.

This is a collaborative effort, with everything from no-frills recipes (mix all ingredients in a bowl, pour into pan, bake), to snarky foodie humor (“And then I said to him, ‘You’re out of the Himalayan salt??'”) to dating columns (which meal should you make for the third date?). The food content you always wanted to read but were afraid to ask for.

So come join us. Read the manifestoExplore the recipes. Get some advice. Put some sea salt on your arugula. We won’t judge.

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  1. asiago

    congrats anna on the new blog!!

    • Anna Brones

      thanks!!! glad you dig it.

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