Giveaway: Reusable Containers from Innate Gear for Eating on the Go

I’m not big on product endorsement… but there are a few goods I could never live without.

My French press.

My thermos.

My titanium spork.

My MC2 reusable container.

This container goes everywhere with me. It has been used for sandwiches, salads, backcountry beans and rice, homemade granola, and even storing a headlamp and pencils once. The super smart part about this container is that the lid is made of food grade silicon, and expands into a bowl… so it’s sort of like getting two containers in one.

The team at Innate Gear are good friends of mine, and they believe in good quality products that are meant to be used. More than once.

So in conjunction with this week’s post of the art of culinary train travel, we’re giving away two Innate Gear reusable containers: a MC2 and an MC Snap, another favorite of mine as it has a bit of a retro look.

How do you enter to win? Just write your favorite travel-friendly food in the comments below!

All entries must be received by midnight PST, April 28, 2013. We can only ship to US and Canadian addresses. 

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  1. Meg S

    I always travel with some homemade trail mix – love it!

  2. Nichole M.

    My favorite travel food varies. If I am on the river guiding my favorite travel food is GORP (good old fashion raisins and peanuts). If it is just a day in the city or any other place for an adventure I like a classic peanut butter and honey sandwich 🙂

  3. Xochil

    Now that I have ventured into the world of bringing small children on our outdoor adventures. I ama fan of pocket friendly snacks. Peanut butter, raisin, crispy rice aballs.

  4. April Ann

    I love to bring along any kind of green rice (sometimes curry rice with spinach, sometimes curry lemon rice with spinach, sometimes sticky rice that’s a family recipe…). 😀

  5. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    These look like cute, modern bento boxes! My favorite travel-friendly food is Japanese onigiri (triangular rice balls wrapped in seaweed, and flavored with sour pickled plum, tuna/mayo, salmon/roe, or a bunch of other satisfying flavor combinations). They’re so travel-friendly that when I lived in Japan, I used to eat them one-handed while riding my bike to my evening Japanese lessons after work.

  6. Steve S

    Rosted chicken and fresh chopped veggies and a baguette.

  7. Lauren H.

    You’d be surprised, but a Spanish tortilla (omelette) packs really well! I’m also a sucker for sliced apples and celery with almond butter.

    Thanks for running the contest!

  8. ewlake

    I always bring along The Healthy Baking Company’s Heart Thrives when I travel. They are made from natural ingredients, are low in sugar and fat, have a good punch of protein, and calcium, and pack easily. Can serve as breakfast (crumbled in a bowl with milk), a snack on the go, and dessert (warmed, adn piled with fruit). Thakns for the give away!

  9. Pamela

    Ohhhh I love these! My favourite travel-friendly food would have to be homemade granola. Like trailmix but so much better – and if there’s some kind of plant milk or fruit available then I have a gourmet breakfast on the go!

  10. sarah

    Chopped up Carrots, Cherry tomatoes, Cucumbers, Celery, Red Peppers and a little bit o hummus to dip it all in. Perfect plane snacks! Hydrating and healthy travel snacks.

  11. Bryan

    I love to travel with a small container of pesto. I love to purchase fresh bread at local bakeries and dip it. It also goes great with just about any meat or fish.

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