culinary cyclist holiday

So it’s finally holiday time. That time of year when we overconsume, overeat and get stressed out because the Christmas lights won’t plug in correctly. You know the drill.

But here’s the deal about the holidays: peel back all the layers of stress, shopping for things we don’t need and stuffing ourselves full of bad chex mis simply because “it’s the holidays!” and this time of year is actually really wonderful. There are lights and candles that warm up a dark evening. It’s a time to gather with family and friends. There’s always a party for which you have an excuse to concoct some new amazing recipe.

In honor of all of those things, it seemed only appropriate to have a Culinary Cyclist Holiday Special.

While I am very much against all of the senseless consumption of this time of year (seriously, if you are out the day after Thanksgiving shopping instead of sitting home and drinking coffee and eating leftover pie, you really should start questioning your values) I’d like to think that if you’re going to purchase something to give someone, The Culinary Cyclist would be a good option. Here are three reasons why.

1. It’s a cookbook, which means that, as long as the person uses the recipes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

2. You’re empowering people to think more about “slow living.” Couldn’t we all use a few more bike rides and home cooked meals in our everyday life?

3. You’re supporting independent media. This isn’t for sale on Amazon people. This is the real deal.

So what is the Culinary Cyclist Holiday Special? 3 books for $20 – that’s basically like getting one book for free. So snag one for your friend, one for your colleague that you wish was bringing more chocolate cake to the office and one that you can keep for yourself.

So, three books for only $20 (and shipping of course). What more are you waiting for. Order a pack now! Just choose your shipping option, and click on the button to purchase.

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