Barcelona: Granja Petitbo

I have wondered a lot what it is about a cafe or restaurant that makes us say to your friends later “you have to try [insert name of awesome place], it’s amazing!” Is it the food? The type of ceramics they use? Good service? Whether or not the barista cracks a good joke? If their homemade granola is served in a mason jar? If they have a wall covered in black chalkboard paint and they write on it?

Who knows what it is that constitutes the sweet spot of food destinations, but sometimes when I walk into a place I know within seconds that it’s going to the top of my “favorite places ever” list. Granja Petitbo in Barcelona is that place.

On a trip earlier this spring, I was doing the I-need-to-identify-a-good-place-for-morning-coffee walk around the neighborhood in which we were staying. I walked past Granja Petitbo and peered in through the windows. Lightbulbs hanging from the raised ceiling? Check. Scandinavian wooden furniture? Check. A long farm table? Check. As long as the coffee was good, this place had everything going for it.

And, as should come as no surprise, the coffee was excellent (and, as a sidenote: inexpensive).

It’s not in the main tourist center of Barcelona, which means you’ll rarely hear any English, but it’s close enough to Sagrada Familia that if you’re off Gaudi scouting you should plan for a cortado here. There’s a good muesli, yogurt and honey combination (served in a bowl on a slate tray of course), as well as vegetarian lunch menus, quinoa risottos and such. Because at some point, you’re going to need a break from your jamon iberico.

Granja Petitbo
Passeig Sant Joan, 82
Website + Map

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  1. Daniel W.

    Ahhh this looks amazing! I couldn’t escape the tourist circuit when I was in Barcelona.

  2. Krissy

    This is awesome! I am going through France and Spain in Sept/Oct and stoked to feast on some gems you recommend!

    • Anna Brones

      Glad you like them! And there are more to come 🙂

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