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High Nutrition/Low Bullshit: Grandma’s Cranberry Bread

Sharp with citrus and cranberry, delicate in crumb, this bite of tradition pairs well with a cup of coffee – or even better with your favorite butter on top.

High Nutrition/Low Bullshit: Coconut Cocoa Nib Brownies

Fall comfort food: brownies that are dark and dense, with the crunch of cocoa nibs and a hint of molasses and coconut.

High Nutrition/Low Bullshit: Company’s Coming

Guests are always welcome, but what do you do when your cupboards are bare? Here’s dinner for four from what you likely have on-hand.

High Nutrition/Low Bullshit: Making Your Own Energy Bars

High Nutrition, Low Bullshit: where we still make locally-sourced pesto, tasty kale dishes, and damn fine vegan pies – but minus the illusions and glamour.