An Arrogant Appetite: The Snarky Foodie Website Wholier-Than-Thou

There really is nothing better than being tongue-in-cheek about the world of food. Because with all that sea salt and craft beer and spelt flour, we really just can’t take ourselves too seriously.

Which is why I love Wholier-Than-Thou, an amazing Tumblr site that puts snarky captions to food porn. Yes, please.


“Morose that her friends had taken offense at her incorrect pronunciation, Lisa pointedly ignored her homemade tempeh burgers onchallah¬†buns. She would have several shots of whiskey for lunch instead.”

(Photo: Sunday Suppers for Kinfolk)

As one friend called it, “it is like Unhappy Hipsters for food photos.” Exactly.

Check out the full assortment here.

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  1. Leah

    Perfect website is perfect. Thank you for sharing this!

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