The Foodie Underground Manifesto

Farm chicken on Foodie Underground

Food is essential to our existence. In one way or another we all care about food, be it merely getting it on the table, or enjoying in its preparation.

We eat for pleasure.
We eat to celebrate.
We eat to survive.

Food should be simple and fun, not overly complicated and pretentious. That’s where we come in: we celebrate food, and at the same time we’re realistic about it.

Dinner party in 30 minutes or less? Doable. Impressing a date with a dessert you made with three ingredients? Easy. Getting educated about the latest non GMO bill? Will take less time than you think.

This is an exploration of our relationship with what we eat, the places food comes from and the people that produce it.

Does the world need another food blog? Hell no.
Do we as a society need to rethink our relationship to food? Absolutely.

That’s why Foodie Underground is here; to create a space where food is simple yet conscious, where loving kale and millet doesn’t make you pretentious and where the conversation about food is open, honest, sometimes snarky and at all times inclusive.

Because we don’t need more food porn, we need a revolution, and we’re here to be a part of it. Join us.


Foodie Underground is founded and maintained by Anna Brones. Connect with her via email or on Google+

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