5 Recipes to Celebrate Spring


Happy spring!

You know what this means? PICNIC SEASON.

Since it’s officially spring, what better way to hit the market this weekend and celebrate with some seasonal produce? Get in that kitchen and celebrate the fact that warmer days are to come, and you can officially start the countdown to berry picking and rhubarb stalks. I personally can’t wait.

So in the event that you are in the mood to cook this weekend, here are five spring-friendly recipes. They all work quite well for taking along on picnics in fact. Enjoy.

1. Kale and Garlic Cream Sauce

Make this version a little thicker and it’s perfect as a dip for vegetables or a spread on crackers. And you know what that means? The perfect picnic food!

2. Cold Brew Coffee

Who says it’s too early for cold brew? If the sun is out, make some and enjoy.


3. Socca – French Chickpea Crepes

There’s something about these that makes you immediately think of warmer weather. I recommend eating with a good bottle of rosé. Because, well, pourquoi pas?

4. Lemony Parsley and Mint Pesto

Put. It. On. Everything.

5. Almond Butter Carrot Cake Cookies

Because we all know that you have yet to put all of your CSA root vegetables to use. And hi, you don’t even need flour. All almond butter.

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