23 First World Foodie Problems

Oh, you’re out of fresh basil again? Yeah, that’s really too bad…

While on vacation:

“There’s only a single-use coffee machine here? Should we go and buy a French press?”

While opening a bottle of wine at the Airbnb apartment you have rented for the week: “Damn! I should have brought my carafe so we could let this air a little.”

“You didn’t pack the reusable set of cutlery??”

“Can you believe there’s only one organic store in this neighborhood?”

“I couldn’t find any kale during my trip to [insert name of European country].”


While out:

“It’s so lame that all they give you here are chopsticks.”

“What’s up with all the little plates? Tapas is so over.”

“I don’t have enough 3G coverage in this place to upload to Instagram.”

“Brunch took so long that we we only have 15 more minutes until farmers market closes.”

“This fish doesn’t taste so local.”


While at the store:

“I WOULD have bought that set of pans if they were just a little more rustic.”

“They’re out of coarse sea salt again??”

“I can’t believe I have to BUY more mason jars.”


While at home:

“This fig, goat cheese, pizza really isn’t the same without truffle oil, I can’t believe we’re out.”

“I went on a baking spree this weekend, how am I going to eat up all of these cardamom cookies and marzipan drops?”

“We didn’t buy enough cheese to last the weekend, and the artisan cheese maker doesn’t restock the market until Tuesday.”

“We only have pre-ground coffee left.”

“My mortar and pestle broke. How am I going to grind this saffron?”


While at a friend’s:

“Oh, you have margarine… I was hoping for butter.”

“Investing in a good juicer could help make smoothies like this even better.”

“I would have brought stuff to make mojitos, but I didn’t have enough time to make my ginger infused simple syrup.”

“So all you had was Italian dressing to make your pasta salad? Oh, I can’t wait to taste it….”

“The date was great. But the next morning he made me pancakes… with Aunt Jemima syrup.”

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