21 Pickup Lines for Foodies with Seasonal Eating Depression

winter cabbage

All those root vegetables got you down? Looking forward to warmer months with freshly picked fruit? Feeling like your succumbing to the wonders of processed food since everything you want to eat is out of season? Here are some good pick up lines so you can find a fellow food lover to commiserate with.

1. I ran out of my pickled summer garden vegetables. Can I have some of yours?

2. You’re putting table salt on imported cucumbers? That’s naughty.

3. I’ve got the frozen blueberries if you’ve got the store bought yogurt.

4. I’d stop craving rhubarb pie if I could have a taste of you.

5. You should come to my house and see all my organic canned goods.

6. We should go to your house and play farmer’s market customer.

7. You might be bored with root vegetables, but you haven’t seen what I can do with them.

8. Wait, those eggs aren’t dirty… or are they…

9. Let’s leave the carrots and potatoes at home and go get Thai takeout to eat in bed.

10. I froze some raspberries last summer. You’re hot enough to defrost them.

11. Can I tell you a secret? I ate a tomato yesterday.

12. When was the last time you touched a fresh fig?

13. I can’t wait to plunge my face back into a huge piece of watermelon.

14. I have a friend who has a root cellar if you want to see it…

15. Want to be extra naughty and buy non-organic strawberries to dip in chocolate?

16. In the summer I always churn my own ice cream. Maybe when it gets warmer you can help me. But for now, let’s dig into this store bought gallon.

17. I need a creative use for winter squash, can you help me?

18. I’ve got black currant liqueur I bottled last summer. Want to come over and try some?

19. Is that banana from Ecuador?

20. You know, I’m never out of season.

21. Is it too soon to start sowing seeds?

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